Carolina is a German-Brazilian designer currently based in London. 

She’s inspired by everyday life, art —the works of Tarsila do Amaral, Barbara Hepworth and Louise Bourgeois, among others—and by the diverse textures found in nature. Her Brazilian roots often become a starting point for her designs as she returns to her childhood memories surrounded by the country’s lush flora, animals, sunsets and the ocean. For this reason, her pieces channel organic shapes and inspire artfulness in the wearer, adding a layer of tactility and comfort.

Carolina embraces serendipity and chance, which is why she rarely sketches and instead works with the ancient technique of lost wax casting; a process whereby each piece is carved by hand in wax, before being cast in precious metals —all of which are ethically-sourced and recycled.

Her design process resembles that of a sculptress whose work is wearable, unique and timeless —made to empower modern women and to last for generations.