Carolina de Barros is inspired by natural beauty, which is why protecting the environment and the people who form part of our supply chain is at the core of our ethos. After all, our sourced materials come from the earth. 

Recycled All the precious metals we use are repurposed from old jewelry, electronics and other industrial byproducts. Our supplier is a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council, which ensures that metals are ethically sourced and 100% recycled. In addition, using recycled metals instead of mined materials not only reduces carbon emissions by two thirds, but also reduces water usage, slows consumption of natural resources, and protects groundwater from being contaminated. And any scrap metal we generate is melted down for reuse.


Ethically sourced We get our gemstones and pearls from trusted RJC-certified suppliers. Each gemstone is hand-picked for quality and each of our ethically farmed pearls is completely unique. 


Local Supporting local craftsmanship and small businesses is part of our DNA. After all, this is our community. Each piece is handmade on demand at our London studio and cast by a family-run business, whose know-how has been passed down through generations. In turn, by keeping our production local, instead of outsourcing, we are also reducing our carbon emissions. 


Packaging None of this would matter if the container didn’t align with our zero-waste ethos as well. Our packaging is recyclable and plastic-free, and meets strict requirements regarding harmful components for the environment. The FSC seal of approval means that no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce.


Less is more In today’s whirlwind of excess, we’ve decided to focus on slow production and quality rather than quantity. We believe that the key to sustainability —less waste, reduced carbon emissions, less mindless consumption— starts by making timeless designs that can last for generations. 

The state of our planet is ever-evolving, which is why we keep abreast with any new developments in sustainability, to constantly improve her process.